09 Apr 2018

TVE asks iZen’s Hill Valley to play with the past in first 4k series

TVE’s digital content channel, Playz, has ordered a new six-part comedy drama from iZen Spain’s drama and comedy producer Hill Valley entitled Colegas (Colleagues).

The series follows the fortunes of a series of Spanish actors who were all big child and teen stars in the 1990s. It explores how they have fared in their lives since then; some have found fame and fortune while for others, life has not turned out quite so well!

The series combines nostalgia and humour and sets out to deliberately blur the lines between fact and fiction as the show’s creator and star Manuel Feijoo explains …’The series is an acid comedy that sets out to leave viewers trying to figure out whether what they are watching is real or imagined. Some of the actors involved are playing themselves and some of the storylines actually happened. We aim to keep the viewer guessing a little!’

TVE’s Assistant Director of Content and Transmedia, Alberto Fernandez added ‘We have deliberately set out to make a series that connects with those who grew up in the 1990s watching the much-loved series that these actors all starred in and to, in a way, answer the question …what happened to them?’

The series is the biggest budget order yet for Playz and is also the first series for them to be shot in 4k. Colegas and will be available on TVE’s red button interactive service and also Playz, their online channel.