07 Dic 2022

The program "Quen Anda Aí?" registers an audience record for the season

The program On November 28th, "Quen anda aí?", the programme we produce for CRTVG, registered its HISTORICAL HIGHEST audience share. It achieved a 15.9% share and an average of 80,000 viewers. A total of 238,ooo unique viewers tuned in to TV Galicia during the EuroTV Producciones programme.

The show is an open door for anyone who has something to tell and share. The secret of its popularity is that it presents stories that viewers can relate to, as well as always having the telephones open so that anyone can participate in the programme. Three hours of live coverage, conversations with the public and answers to the questions that most concern viewers. This afternoon format is presented by Roberto Vilar and Juan Fuentes.