05 Jul 2023

The 'Grand Prix del Verano' is coming back very soon!

The 'Grand Prix del Verano' is coming back very soon!

El Grand Prix del Verano' will soon be back on La 1, loaded with new features, but maintaining the spirit that won over millions of viewers. Ramón García will once again be the master of ceremonies of the programme, produced by RTVE in collaboration with EuroTV Producciones (Grupo iZen), which will have established and representative games that we all remember, other new ones that will appeal to the youngest viewers, and many surprises.

Ramón García will be accompanied by presenter and content creator Cristinini and actress Michelle Calvó, along with Wilbur, who will be in charge of showing the mechanics of the tests in a very different way: in a comic tone and through acrobatics. In addition, he will have a goal: to find his own village.

Michelle will be the 'Ambassador of the Villages' and will be with the mayors and sponsors. She will be the expert on the localities and will approach the stands to talk to the participants; Cristinini, for her part, will be the expert on games and will broadcast them from her booth telling curiosities, hobbies... In addition, she will connect the programme with the young audience by talking about social networks. The official Twitter and Instagram accounts are @GrandPrix_tve.

Mythical games, novelties, the heifer... and even a Dinosaur!

Mythical games will be very present in the programme: Troncos Locos, Los Bolos (now Superbolos), el Diccionario, la Patata Caliente and Baloncesto en Pañales.

Among the novelties, a ramp that will be used at two heights to play La Guardería and Escala como Puedas, two gymkhanas in which the Dinosaur will be present; a rotating platform for Alice in Wonderland; The Ki-monos, an aerial gymkana above the pool; giant fans in the Perrito Piloto and, finally, if anyone misses Las Manos... they will return in the form of penguins.

One of the most outstanding novelties, especially in terms of size, is the Niko Dinosaur. He will be in the gymkhanas and in some of the games bothering the players before finishing the test and interacting with Ramón, Michelle and Cristinini. We will see him both as a dinosaur and as a dragon, depending on the game.

The mythical Vaquilla, who, in an American NBA mascot-style costume, will come out to bother the players when the mayors decide to use a joker. The first game of each programme will decide which jokers each of the teams will have: two for the winner and one for the loser, or one for each team. They can be activated by pressing a button that the mayors will have in front of them just before each game. After a five-second countdown, if no one decides to press the button, the game will begin; if they press it, a big moo will sound and coloured lights will give way to the heifer.

The villages

In this edition, eight villages will compete in pairs in four elimination programmes, where the four highest-scoring villages will qualify for the two semi-finals. The winner of each semi-final will qualify for the grand final of the 'Grand Prix del Verano'.

The participating towns, in alphabetical order, will be Aguilar de Campoo (Palencia), Alfacar (Granada), Brión (Coruña), Cervelló (Barcelona), Colmenarejo (Madrid), Los Montesinos (Alicante), Tineo (Asturias) and Yepes (Toledo).