07 Jul 2023

The documentary 'Operación Brooklyn' (CAPA Spain) will be premiered at the Atlantida Film Fest 2023

The documentary 'Operación Brooklyn' (CAPA Spain) will be premiered at the Atlantida Film Fest 2023

"Operación Brooklyn", produced by CAPA Spain (iZen Group) and Entrefronteras, will premiere exclusively at the 13th edition of Atlántida Film Fest, framing a thriller story that recovers the case of the "patera aérea".

This episode, which took place on 5 November 2021 at Palma de Mallorca airport, was the last case of sedition in Spain and one of the most important migratory and media events of recent years in Spain. An event in which a group of Moroccan citizens surprised the whole world by fleeing on the run through Palma airport after the emergency landing of the flight that was to take them from Casablanca to Istanbul.

CAPA Spain, part of the iZen Group, and Entrefronteras are premiering 'Operación Brooklyn' on July 25th. ‘Operación Brooklyn is the best possible setting for a work that combines filmmaking and the most rigorous investigative journalism. Through the 96-minute documentary, the public will be able to get to know all the hidden edges of the fascinating story that tells a way of entering Europe that has never been seen before but has already been replicated.

For some, ‘Operación Brooklyn’ is a coordinated action to enter Spain illegally, while for others it is the alignment of Spanish institutions to provide an exemplary punishment.

Tomás Ocaña, director of the feature film and three-time Emmy winner, explains: "Operación Brooklyn tackles a global issue such as the desire to migrate, but the characteristics of what happened allow for a police thriller narrative that makes it an incredible story”.

The team that made the documentary possible travelled to various locations in Morocco to delve into the causes of the migratory impulse with the parents of one of the accused, a passenger on the flight and a specialised journalist, as well as seeking answers from the author of the post in a Facebook group called Brooklyn, which gave a radical twist to the investigation.

The documentary will be released soon on RTVE Play.