10 Apr 2018

Madrid, the city of one hundred countries on Telemadrid

April 11 at 9.45 p.m. the program "Madrid, the city of a hundred countries" will premiere on Telemadrid, a privileged trip through the world without leaving the city of Madrid, produced by Zebra Producciones, of Izen group.
In Madrid there are more than 100 embassies and visiting them is like travellingl to these countries, learning about their culture and traditions. In Telemadrid we have managed to access these embassies and show them to all the madrileños, in an astonishing way.
In "Madrid, the city of one hundred countries" 13 embassies open their doors to us to visit their impressive palaces where great receptions are held, the complexity of the ambassadors' agendas and the legion of people who work in them, so that everything works simply to perfection: Diplomats, consuls, secretaries, drivers, butlers, chefs ...
How do they see us and how do we see them? Who are they and what do they do here? How is life between two different countries, cultures and languages? All these questions will be answered every Wednesday during the visits to unique buildings, where a border will be crossed to discover the less public side of the embassies, accessing the heart of the residence and discovering the private life of consuls and ambassadors
Visit with us in the exclusive world of the embassies of Poland, New Zealand, Japan, Italy, Iran, Australia, Germany, Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Malta, Hungary and Israel. The ambassador of each country will show us his day to day and we will follow him to his meetings, official acts and grand receptions, but we will also discover his most intimate facet, knowing his residence, his family and his hobbies.
Every Wednesday on Telemadrid we will discover a new country through its embassy in Madrid.