23 May 2022

iZen Group launches CAPA Spain

iZen Group launches CAPA Spain

CAPA Spain will develop top-notch international documentaries in Spain and throughout the wide hispanic market. Tomas Ocaña is a well experienced director, executive producer and investigative journalist. His last docuseries ‘Lucy in the spiderweb’, produced for the Spanish National Television new platform RTVEPlay, was selected to premiere on the 24th Malaga Festival (2021). On 2022, he won an Ondas Award for ‘GAL, the trianglean investigative podcast he is now converting into a docuseries. 

Tomas Ocaña has participated in some of the most impactful global investigative journalistic pieces in the recent years, such as Panama Papers or Swiss Leaks. Through his career he has revealed stories about crime, gambling, corruption, drug trafficking, environmental destruction, labor exploitation and fraud, among others. Ocaña has also taken part on fiction projects such as 'El Chapo' (Netflix).  

Since 2017 Ocaña leads his own production boutique called The Facto Productions, based in Madrid and Miami, born to tell general interest stories that others can’t or won’t reveal. The company uses English media methodologies and narratives, which sets it as an informative and audiovisual reference known for its quality, courage, and independency. 

CAPA is one of Newen Studios most powerful labels in France and has gained a solid reputation all over Europe for the quality of its investigations and documentaries.